In the name of God


Agreement No.: SN/94/104

Agent agreement

Upon holy appreciativeness of God; hereby this agreement is held between Mr. Hassan Kian, the managing director of Andisheh Kian Institute of Study & Research Services of Children’s and Teenagers’ Creativity at the address: Marjan Tower #59 7th fl, between Khosro and Assadi, Sadeghieh 1st sq, tel.: +982144291270 (hereafter referred to as the institute) as the first party and Ms/Mr. ____________________ son/daughter of _____________ with the national ID ____________ born in __________ tel. _______________ mobile _________________ at the address _____________________________ has signed this contract (hereafter referred to as the agent) as the second party, whereas the present agreement is operational and mandatory for the both parties since the signature date (the agreement and termination location is the Head Office in Tehran and the legal regime of this agreement conform the Laws of Iran).

Article (1): Subject of agreement

The agent has comprehended and signed the agreement, whereas the provision of at least 100m2 with three rooms and an open space should be provided as the yard with the logo of the institute in order to hold just the research programs and syllables as non-instructional granted to them by the institute. Definitely, the agent should administer five group courses, which include _________, the group course of _______________in the city: ___________ (with the exception of the first year that the agent can initiate with two group courses, but the extension of the agreement is dependent on the implementation of the five group courses).

Article (2): Amount of agreement

The agent monthly deposits 10% of each child and teenager course enrollment to the bank account of the institute, as the amount is stated by the institute in the first quarter of the year, as this amount must never be less than 100 USD per month, which paid before the tenth day of every month, otherwise 30 USD is forfeited on each day delay. It is clear that all of the enrollments in the main courses and the complementary programs and pre-school researches conform this article. The forfeit on more than thirty (30) days delay will annul the agreement in general.

Note (a): The agent is exempt of the first year payment for three month since the signature date of the agreement.

Article (3): Bona fide

The agent will promptly deposit 2,000 USD for each group course in the bank account of the institute after signing the agreement as bona fide. Definitely, this amount is counted as the objective warrantee and, if the articles of the agreement are not conformed and/or the bona fide is ceased, the agency will be annulled by the instituted; hence if the agency annulment is given due to blamelessness or faultlessness, 50% of the deductions will be totally paid back to the agent.

Note (b): The amount of the annual warrantee could be increased by 10%.

Note (c): The amount of the warrantee should be in cash and prompt. If any part is given in check and the agreement is annulled before the maturity of the check or the client abandons or the check is withdrawal, all of the deposited payment will be confiscated.

Article (4): The term of the contract

The term of this agreement is one year since the agreement date and if any group course is added to the five group courses and the bona fide is approved by the institute, the institute extends the agreement for three years in 1-km limited exclusive area.

Article (5): Obligations

  1. Institute: Delivering annual programs and research syllables, teaching and further training and sending a coach or manager per each training course group, sending leaflet and co-assistant research tools, e.g. flash book, annual sending names and personal profile in the agent’s talent test authority, as one of the institute commitments. In addition, if the inspector is dispatched, the transportation costs will be on behalf of the institute maximum twice a year.

  2. Agent: Documentary reportage (including enrolled children’s and coaches’ names, phone, profile) in the end of each semester and the on-time payment of percentage (tenth day at each month), healthy/safety consideration, attendance electronic check system represented by the Head Office, providing the general and specialized flash books under the supervision of the Head Office monthly according to the number of the children and the coaches, which is the agent’s obligation. In addition, if another separate local license is needed, the agent is obliged to proceed and acknowledge it. It is notable that the teaching method is memory-oriented and the research method is only based on trial and error and those experiences that lead to success or failure.

Article (6): Termination of agreement

If the agent doesn't conform the articles of this agreement or violates and offends or performs the programs and syllables weakly, the institute can terminate the agreement and confiscate the total warrantee amount on its part. The agreement would terminated within one month due to one party’s violation and offense or by the parties’ consensus or the agent’s request or Force Majeure with the exception of any party’s death or infirmity and after the removal of the institute’s panel, thereby any further activity under the title of the institute will be forbidden and, when the inspection report is given after six months, if the bona fide is approved, the amount of 50% will be deduced from the warrantee amount.

Article (7): Dispute resolution

In the event of any dispute, the mutually elected arbiter by the both parties will resolve the issues in the legal office of the institute.

Article (8): Conclusion

This contract is settled in eight articles, three notes, and three copies in two pages which are all taken by parties as the original duplicates valid on / / and it is imperious and mandatory.

Name and surname Name and surname

Signature and seal Signature and seal

Signature of Institute’s Representative Signature of Agent’s Representative

Note: This branch is under supervision of _________ and the administrator has received a third portion of the warrantee amount and the related percentage and the financial and administration liability and the supervision on the legal compliance of the judgments of the court of justice is on behalf of this branch conformant of the orders and the provisions on the interactions between the Head Office and the branch.

Supervisors’ name, surname and signature

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